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A tea that claims to smell like cookie dough? How could we refuse! Check out our review of Truetea's almond and pistachio black tea.

It's been a little while since I reviewed tea on the blog. It was always really exciting to get a package in the post, full of lots of exciting, exotic teas!

 Sachet of almond and pistachio tea

Truetea is a company based in Harrogate (hey, we've been there!) which offers a variety of loose leaf tea and teabags for customers across the UK. All of their teas are available in little 10g sample pouches (enough for  about three brews), so I ordered a few that sounded delicious and waited for the post to arrive!

Almond and pistachio loose leaf tea 

The first tea I tried was their almond and pistachio blend, a black tea which claimed to smell and taste like cookie dough! Who could say no to that?

The tea had clear packaging, detailing the ingredients and how long to brew the tea for for optimum flavour. I was interested to read some of the ingredients of the loose leaf tea - as well as pistachios and almonds, it also contained pink peppercorns, cumin and coriander! This worried me a little bit, cookie dough isn't spicy! What had I let myself in for?!

I was pleasantly surprised when I smelled the tea leaves though, all the aromas did come together to give a spicy sweet smell, very similar to freshly baked cookies. The leaves looked really pretty as well, flecked with the dark pink peppercorns and the pale yellow almond slivers.

Cup of almond and pistachio tea without milk

Time to brew up!

It's been a little while since I've had loose leaf tea at home so I had to dig out my trusty infuser. Truetea recommended brewing this tea with freshly boiled water, between 3-5 minutes. I let it brew for the full five, to intensify the aroma and taste.

The tea tasted good both on its own (as it was quite sweet it was very drinkable black) and with a splash of milk, the spicy sweet flavour was still there but had mellowed a lot. With milk it tasted quite a lot like a chai. 

Pistachio and almond tea with milk

It's definitely one I'd try again, and was a nice alternative to your standard black breakfast tea.

Stay tuned to the blog to find out more about the Truetea haul I ordered!

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By Kate at 16 May 2020, 09:17 AM


Hannah Louise
This sounds lovely! An nice alternative
5/16/2020 3:46:57 PM
Kate | Afternoon Tees
It was a very nice alternative to the normal breakfast blend Hannah - with lovely spicy undertones.
5/17/2020 12:08:30 PM
Jaya Avendel
I love making blends with different varieties of black tea, like earl grey and assam. I am currently loving throwing some cardamom into the mix, but this tea sounds delicious!
5/16/2020 9:45:28 PM
Kate | Afternoon Tees
It was delicious Jaya, very unusual! I do love the idea of making your own blends, that way you can customise the tea exactly to your liking!
5/17/2020 12:10:00 PM
melissa major
Sounds like such a wonderful tea! I have never tried this combination before! Mel 🌙 |
5/17/2020 1:26:43 AM
Kate | Afternoon Tees
It was delicious Mel! Definitely worth a try!
5/17/2020 12:13:25 PM
This sounds divine! Who wouldn't want to try a cookie dough tea?? ☕
5/17/2020 1:52:12 PM
Kate | Afternoon Tees
It was very very good Meaghan! Definitey worth trying!
5/17/2020 8:56:36 PM
OMG. How interesting. I've never heard of this type of flavor before. Although I'm not much of a tea drinker, I definitely think this is worth a try. I'll have to share this with my sister.
5/17/2020 8:21:24 PM
Kate | Afternoon Tees
It was the first time I'd heard of it too Gabby - I can imagine this is a great brew to enjoy with family and friends.
5/17/2020 8:57:00 PM
I’ve really been into almond lately, this sounds really good!
5/18/2020 9:12:10 AM
Kate | Afternoon Tees
It was really good Ashley! There were lot of nice big almond chunks in there.
5/18/2020 3:53:47 PM
Sounds like a really interesting flavour combo! Looks delish too, lovely photos :) Anika |
5/18/2020 11:22:42 AM
Kate | Afternoon Tees
Thank you Anika! It was really good.
5/18/2020 3:54:10 PM
Ooo this tea sounds lovely. A very interesting blend, who would have thought those spices would smell / taste like cookie dough. If you like sweet teas like this, Lipton does a really tasty caramel tea, although I have only ever been able to find it on my travels to Greece. Definitely a treat in a cup! Thanks for sharing! Aimsy xoxo
5/18/2020 9:18:47 PM
Kate | Afternoon Tees
I was a bit cynical but all the spices come together to smell just like cookie dough, it was amazing! Oooh a caramel tea sounds amazing, I will have to keep my eyes out for it!
5/19/2020 11:57:45 AM
Yum!! You had me at “cookie dough” and kept me at “Chai.” I’m going to have to give this one a try. Thx
5/19/2020 1:36:52 PM
Kate | Afternoon Tees
You're welcome Sarah, it's definitely a good one to try if you enjoy your tea sweet and spicy!
5/20/2020 4:16:49 PM
Em Wells
What an interesting combo! I am not a fan of tea although I really want to be so maybe I will have to try this! Thank you for sharing Em x
5/19/2020 2:19:45 PM
Kate | Afternoon Tees
Thanks Em, if you're not a fan of tea it's a good one to start off with, as it is quite sweet, especially if you pop a little bit of milk in!
5/20/2020 4:17:11 PM
I like that they are available in small sizes so you can have a taste of them. Almond is a favourite of mine,
5/19/2020 2:20:18 PM
Kate | Afternoon Tees
Definitely - I always like to buy a little pack to give it a try first, otherwise you may be stuck with a big pack of tea that you're not a fan of!
5/20/2020 4:17:33 PM

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